Grim Photography

Photographer • Witchy Woman • Dreamer & Doer • Halifax, NS

Geena Morse of Grim Photography is a photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who specializes in portraiture. Geena started her photographic journey in 2007 when she received her first DSLR. With that same camera by her side, Geena spent the next few years photographing and building confidence until deciding to attend Nova Scotia Community College's photography program in 2012. Continuing to develop her style, technical skill, and photographic eye, Geena slowly grew into Grim Photography. Now shooting with a Canon 6D, Grim Photography specializes in portraiture, with an emphasis on shooting unique and diverse subjects and themes. Despite her passion for photographing people and her deep desire to connect with individuals, Grim Photography is also well versed in shooting products, events, nature, and landscapes; bringing technical skill and a healthy dose of style to each unique branch of photography.